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Category: Micro Journal

Highlights (and lowlights) of my day

Handwritten Letters

Today I received a package from my landlord. A brown paper bag, enclosed within is a book and a white envelope. The book is titled “Reversals: A Personal Account of Victory over Dyslexia”. I remember mentioning my struggles with dyslexia on my first meeting with Frank, my landlord. Frank’s room was packed with towers of stacked books; on the shelves and on the floor. I really admire people who read.

The envelope contains a card and on the card is a handwritten letter addressed to me. Last time I received a handwritten letter was a billion years ago. The good old days when people still sent out Eid cards. There is something about hand written letters that is so personal and intimate. This warmth couldn’t be conveyed by a thousand text messages.

I plan to reciprocate with a hand written thank you note. Although I fear it might be a trouble finding a similar nice card and an envelope. I hope I find something in the copy room at work.

I am really looking forward to reading this book. Time for some much needed introspection.